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 Pattern Cutting - step-by-step patterns for footwear by Frank Jones
(ISBN 9780955408601)

"Pattern Cutting" is an update and replacement of the "Pattern Cutter’s Handbook" a standard text in many college and university footwear courses. It is in use in the Americas, Asia as well as Europe and the UK. And is the text book I favor while teaching my footwear classes at F.I.T. This new book covers everything in the earlier book, and more. There are new chapters covering more shoe styles, bottom patterns, an extended chapter on grading, and another dealing with more advanced pattern problems such as the bellows-tongues.

"Pattern Cutting" is a step-by-step guide to producing patterns for shoemaking. Frank Jones offers numerous carefully detailed schematics of measuring and patternmaking processes and skillfully communicates them using trade terminology gained through his extensive industry experience and many years as a technical footwear educator. Also new, Mr. Jones points out how to avoid common pitfalls in patternmaking by strategically placing framed advisories in just the right places throughout his book.


Pattern Cutting, step by step patterns for footwear

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Twelve basic footwear types covered in this new book include trainers, basketball boots and an aerobic shoe. Each has a devoted chapter, step by step guide and illustrations of patternmaking steps. Written so the reader can produce the best workable pattern the first time, and the patterns have been thoroughly tested by course participants in the UK as well as similar courses run overseas.

Shoe Pattern

This book is designed for anyone wanting to learn how to produce patterns for footwear including:

1) Footwear specialists including designers, line builders, buyers, quality controllers, and others seeking a practical understanding of the production and engineering involved in footwear manufacturing, .

2) In the factory it can be used by trainees and experienced pattern cutters alike, when they come across a type of footwear of which they have limited experience.

3) The individual craftsman struggling to master production of patterns.

4) College footwear design students have few modern textbooks on footwear production and none which encompass the range of styles and constructions presented here, not even in older textbooks which are difficult to acquire. This step-by-step approach lends itself to the practical aspect of learning the essentials of producing complex footwear patterns.

5) The shoe enthusiast who wants to know more about the process of getting the shape from a three-dimensional last into two-dimensional to make shoes patterns.

This book is written in plain language with a drawing for almost every step, it can be followed with limited shoemaking knowledge.

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